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Integration and Growth through Employment

The German job market is better than it has been in many years. Despite the 1.1 million job vacancies in Germany, there are about 2.6 million job seekers.

Plant-a-Talent is a not-for-profit organization that places refugees in jobs in Munich.

As of May 2017, we have already filled more than 100 job vacancies. Our success derives from the fact that we personally support each candidate and prepare them for a new job. Be it at large corporations or at small companies, we send you selected applicants who really fit the job description. With Plant-a-Talent, you will find talented candidates that can successfully integrate, develop skills and contribute to the community. Successful integration means peace and harmony for all.

Wir unterstützen unsere Kandidaten mit einem Integrationsprogramm, das etwa sechs Monate dauert.

We support our candidates with an integration program that lasts about six months.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Plant-a-Talent is a not-for-profit limited liability company that at present is exclusively financed by donations and corporate sponsorships. We have received funding primarily from our two shareholders, Dinese Hannewald and Jin-Ju Jahns. Our goal is to cover our operating costs by the end of 2019.
We expect to generate revenues by providing intercultural workshops, mentoring programs and coaching services for companies and their staff. Moreover, we expect to receive fee income from the German Federal Employment Agency (BAA) and state run job centers for placing refugees in jobs once we receive our AZAV (Germany labor promotion accreditation and approval) certificate by Spring 2018. Until then, we depend on your financial support.

Each donation gives our candidates an opportunity to work and a better future.

Our bank information for your donation:
Plant-a-Talent gGmbH
Hypovereinsbank München
IBAN: DE69 7002 0270 0015 816 107

A receipt for your donation will be sent as soon as possible.

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12.01.2018 - Süddeutsche Zeitung – "Ich liebe meine Arbeit einfach"
Die Aurelius Refugee Initiative e.V. unterstützt die Münchner Plant-a-Talent gGmbH mit einer ersten Spende über 25.000 Euro.
Plant-a-Talent seeks a Program Manager – Part-time (10 to 20 hours per week)

Was machen Sie 2018?

Plant-a-Talent sucht für nächstes Jahr ehrenamtliche Helfer für unsere Lehrprogramme. Vor allem Tutoren, die ein- oder zweimal pro Woche für unsere "Basic Computer Literacy Kurse“ zur Verfügung stehen und Mentoren für die Mentoring-Programme. Rufen Sie uns einfach an, wenn Sie Interesse und Zeit haben

Außerdem suchen wir immer gebrauchte Laptops (gerne mit Microsoft Office). Haben Sie noch ein Gerät, dass Sie spenden möchten? Plant-a-Talent freut sich darüber und bedankt sich mit einer Sachspenden-Quittung.