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Diversity and Responsibility

We are one of the leading intermediaries based in Munich for refugees and employers

In Munich, Plant-a-Talent has a pool of approximately 500 highly motivated and skilled job-seekers. As soon as we have received the description of the vacancy you wish to fill at your company, we carefully search our CV database to identify the candidates who best fit the job. We advise personnel managers and HR departments on the topics of corporate social responsibility (CSR), mentoring and corporate sponsorships.

Advantages for Employers at Plant-a-Talent

  • Each refugee is personally vetted and prepared for the job.
  • Every vacancy is filled with a hand-picked candidate.
  • Effective programs and workshops are provided to all of our candidates.
  • Continous support is given to personnel managers and HR departments.
  • Mentor programs are available prior to hiring and for up to six months after hiring.
  • Our multi-cultural team can both assess and empathize with our candidates.
  • We are a not-for-profit-organization.
  • Our job placement service is free of charge for you and the candidates.
  • Over 100 candidates have been successfully placed in jobs in Munich.

Our service for employers in Munich

We make it easy for you to find the right candidate for your job vacancies. Whether you are looking for an intern (paid or unpaid), an apprentices, a part-time or a full-time staff member, or someone to fill a “mini job” – we are there to help you. Simply send us the job description for the job vacancy!

Plant-a-Talent will review the employment requirements and conditions together with you and afterwards, select suitable candidates from our database. After consultation with the candidates, the most relevant CVs will be forwarded to you. In the event of positive feedback, we will help you schedule interview dates. Once a candidate has been hired, we remain in contact with you and the new staff members to ensure that it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Send vacancy

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Customized support and job placement

That is what is special about Plant-a-Talent. All of our candidates who register with Plant-a-Talent are personally interviewed and intensively prepared for the job. In contract to our competitors, you are not just sent unqualified data sheet. We send you hand-picked candidates who fit your job description to a “T”.

Wir lernen die Menschen genau kennen, bevor wir Empfehlungen aussprechen.

We recommend candidates we are acquainted with via one-on-one personal contact and preparation

Assistance with job permits

In principle, anyone registered as an applicant for political asylum will be granted a work permit within 3-4 months. Moreover, the Foreigners’ Authority Office must approve any part-time, full-time or “mini-job” hires. Once this approval has been granted, it is forwarded to the official German employment agency to assess the salary/wage level. After conclusion of this process, the applicant receives an official document authorizing that she/he can work in Germany.

With our expertise, we closely support and guide our candidates and future employers during this process.

Wir kennen die Wege durch die Ämter.

We know our way around all the German job agencies and public authorities. Let us guide you.

Workshops for refugees. Preparing our candidates for their jobs.

All Plant-a-Talent candidates must fulfil certain conditions to be included in our database. We support all of our candidates with free workshops and seminars that teach them how to best integrate in German society and how to search for a job.

Our job seekers are:

  • asylum seekers or persons granted political asylum
  • 18 years or older
  • in possession of a work permit
  • motivated, friendly, and reliable

Moreover, we offer practical opportunities for your company and its staff to be acquainted with our candidates.

Here is a list of our programs and workshops:

Registration and CV Workshop

New arrivals can register at Plant-a-Talent free of charge. We support the candidates in preparing a comprehensive CV and we take their professional photo to be included in their CV folder.

Intercultural Communications Workshop

This workshop addresses key cultural differences in interpersonal customs and verbal communication. In the course of three days, the participants learn German habits and customs and perform in-depth practice exercises.

Find-a-Job Workshop

In this workshop, we focus on self-help. We familiarize job-seekers with the practical knowledge necessary to apply for jobs themselves. This workshop answers: What qualifications, skills, and knowledge are musts? How and where in Germany do I find job vacancies? How do I make an appointment for an interview? How do I present myself at a job interview?

Computer Basics Workshop

Using several learning modules, we teach the candidates basic PC skills during one-on-one sessions over a course of three months. The workshop covers the following themes: How to work with a laptop, introduction to operating systems, programs, office applications, keyboard, mouse, how the Internet works, Internet security, e mail, Google, etc. We also teach our candidates how to set up and use an e-mail account so that they are able to send and receive business and private e-mails, open attachments, and manage a calendar with dates. They also learn the basics of Excel and Word.

Advanced Programming Workshop

With our partner CodeDoor.org, Plant-a-Talent also offers an “Advanced Programming Course”. This workshop is for refugees with more than basic IT knowledge. This intense workshop prepares the candidate to become a programmer in the German IT sector.

Mentoring programs at Plant-a-Talent

Our mentoring programs focus on the topics: cultural integration, education, and employment. Via contact with a mentor (a volunteer or a company staff volunteer) our candidates can find their way around everyday life and find a new job more easily and faster.

Our mentoring programs have many advantages as the refugees can:

  • practice interviews
  • lower cultural and linguistic barriers
  • learn German faster and attain proficiency
  • gain access to social and cultural activities
  • meet new people in their local community
  • make and develop new friendships.

Plant-a-Talent markets its mentor programs to companies of al sizes and assists personnel managers and their HR departments with helpful advice to ensure that the program succeeds. With our expertise, Plant-a-Talent can support you with training and in-house coaching.

Your staff can become mentors available for new colleagues or your staff can support us at Plant-a-Talent workshops.

The benefits for you are:

  • Plant-a-Talent trains and prepares in-company mentors (on legal, cultural and processing issues).
  • We support each candidate before and up to six months after hiring.
  • As a prospective employer, you have the chance to meet and become familiar with the applicant in person and learn first hand about her/his skills
  • With our involvement, the integration process runs more smoothly.
  • Specialist training progresses faster.
  • Cultural and communication barriers within a team are easier to overcome.
  • Staff members become experienced and successful mentors.


“Learn-the-Job” Week

This 5-day program gives the candidate an opportunity to explore different departments at your company. The candidate can then better assess their talents, interests, and skills while the employer can spend an entire week getting to know a possible future employee.