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Plant-a-Talent is a non-profit organization that actively supports motivated:

  • Refugees,
  • Recognized asylum seekers,
  • Asylum seekers awaiting an appeal decision
  • Immigrants, and
  • Under-privileged individuals

with their integration into German society and with their job search.  We refer to all members of these target groups as “Candidates” at Plant-a-Talent.

With our tailor-made process, we do our best to make fair participation in the German labor market a reality. To attain our successful results, we have designed and implemented a series of helpful programs that prepare candidates for successful professional employment.

Since April 2019, we have helped fill more than 220 job vacancies in Munich. We attribute our success to the fact that we personally coach and support each candidate on an individual basis with their job preparation and job search process.

Be it large corporations or small companies, we send prospective employers selected applicants who really fit the job description. With Plant-a-Talent, one finds talented candidates where personal and professional growth and development, integration and successful employment benefit everyone.

If you are looking for highly motivated and talented candidates from all over the world  to support and contribute to your company, please contact us. We can help you find the right person for your team and also support you during the candidate’s first months of employment at your company.

We encourage open-minded company volunteers – as part of your firm’s CSR program – to support our candidates as they learn their new job and integrate into German society.


Wir unterstützen unsere Kandidaten mit einem Integrationsprogramm, das etwa sechs Monate dauert.

We support our candidates with an integration program that lasts about six months.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Plant-a-Talent is presently funded by private and corporate donations and sponsorships as well as grants from foundations and private individuals. Dinese Grace Hannewald, 100% shareholder, capitalized the non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH) with her own private capital and continues to donate funds to the company.
At the moment, we depend on your financial support to continue our much needed to work for the successful integration of newcomers.

Each donation gives our candidates an opportunity to find work for a better future.

Our bank information:
Plant-a-Talent gGmbH
Hypovereinsbank München
IBAN: DE69 7002 0270 0015 816 107

A receipt for your donation will be sent as soon as possible.

NEW! – Adopt a Candidate

Pay for her/his participation in a workshop or program
Your donation seriously counts and increases the job success rates for our candidates.
Please consider sponsoring one or several of our candidates who participate in  our:

  • Basic Computer Literacy Program – Next Class starts May 2019 (€ 300)
  • Intermediate Computer Course – Next Class starts June 2019 (€ 300)
  • Plant-a-Talent- goetzpartners Job preparation and Job search Workshop – Next Class May 2019 (€ 35)
  • Growing together with Basketball – For young men and women aged 9 to 14 – Beginning June 2019 (€ 30)
  • Basic Finance – Household budgets, saving plan, insurance options, personal investments, etc. – for all candidates of all backgrounds aged 16 and older – Beginning July 2019 (€ 125)
  • Financial Women Empowerment – for women aged 35+ living in Germany. Course includes Basic Finance and more – Beginning July 2019 (€ 300)
  • Germany –  Exploring Economic, Social, Political and Environmental Dimensions – Beginning September 2019 (€ 100)
  • Your donation covers the entire cost of the program (most with a duration of about 12 weeks) and also pays for the candidate’s local transportation costs (U-Bahn und S-Bahn)


July 2019 - Plant-a-Talent and Amazon will launch its third round of our joint mentoring program in mid September 2019. Dedicated Amazon employees offer targeted individual support to PaT candidates to during their integration journey. They are also instrumental in supporting with their job search in Germany.

July 2019 - Eight PaT candidates successfully completed the course "Basic Computer Literacy"! Grace Impact gGmbH sponsored the gradation dinner celebration for all BCL graduates, BCL tutors and PaT team members.

July 2019 - Our dear long-term colleagues Mahmoud (Candidate Ambassador) and Vessi (Candidate Relations Associate) say farewell to Plant-a-Talent to pursue their educational and professional goals. We thank both of them for their dedication and support during their time at PaT. We will miss them both.

June 2019 - New local knowledge and intercultural connection event: Azubiyo GmbH employees organize a city tour with a picnic for PaT candidates.

May 2019 - Successful Charity Dinner by Plant-a-Talent at Watan Restaurant in Schwabing. What an unforgettable evening of intercultural encounters, soothing jazz music and delicious food and wine!

March 2019 - Great supporters and new cooperation projects for Plant-a-Talent at "Markplatz Gute Geschäfte München" by Tatendrang.

February 2019 - Plant-a-Talent gGmbH thanks BISS Foundation for its generous donation.

Each donation prepares a Pat candidate for a job and gives them a chance to give back as well. If you wish to sponsor a Pat Candidate, please send an email to: dgh@plant-a-talent.org. Please Donate and thank you for your support.