FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 2017-09-25T13:15:38+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everything you as an employer or refugee need to know about our work

Should you have any further questions that are not fully answered here, please give us a call on 0157-307 590 38 or send a short email to info@plant-a-talent.org

In which jobs can Plant-a-Talent place its candidates? 2017-09-25T13:18:04+00:00

Our goal is to build a bridge between refugees (and immigrants) on the one side and German employers on the other. We are convinced that complete integration into German society can only be achieved through employment.

We collect job openings and requests in and around Munich from companies that have job openings at the following levels:

  • Internships (paid or unpaid)
  • Apprenticeships or trainee programs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Full-time jobs
  • “mini jobs”

Please note: We do not want to place our candidates in jobs as cleaners. Plant a-Talent wants to secure training, learning personal and career development for each candidate.

Does Plant-a-Talent also provide language courses? 2017-09-25T13:19:13+00:00

We do not offer German lessons ourselves, but we do cooperate, for example, with Goethe-Institut and many volunteers and organizations in Munich who provide classes free of charge. Please contact us and we will send you a referral list which is constantly being updated.

How do we advise and support job seekers? 2017-09-25T13:21:08+00:00

Our work focuses on cultural integration, education and employment. For all candidates, our preparation and skill training workshops along with contacts to German businesses are free of charge.

We recommend that our candidates first take smaller jobs, an internship or apprenticeship. This initial experience gained in the world of work is immensely helpful in improving their knowledge of the German language and finding a foot in the job market. Sometimes, new arrivals can even make their first friends this way.

In the course of our various programs, employers have an opportunity to assess how motivated and talented our job seekers are. This also makes it easier for our candidates to find a long-term job in the company in question. Whatever the outcome, this experience simply improves one’s prospects for the next job search.

How do Plant-a-Talent workshops and programs function and how do people get placed in jobs? 2017-09-25T13:23:15+00:00

We can best support you if you visit us in person. Please visit our registration and CV workshop, which is free of charge.

With our support during a one-on-one meeting, you can prepare your CV in German and have a photo made to include with your CV application. This is the direct and best way to create application documents that meet the standard German companies expect.

We have registration and CV workshops every Thursday from 3-5 p.m. Location: “Eine Welt Haus”, Schwanthalerstrasse 80 in Munich.

You will find the room number on the red signboard in the entrance hall.
Please bring the following documents with you:

  • ID card or passport
  • Work permit
  • CV, if you have one
How do I get into contact with Plant-a-Talent and register as a job candidate? 2017-09-25T13:25:39+00:00

All Plant-a-Talent candidates have to meet general requirements in order to be included in our database. They must

  • have applied for or have received political asylum
  • be 18 years or older
  • possess a work permit (we can help you with this)
  • be motivated, friendly and reliable.

Once you are included in our database, we actively to help you find your feet and through employment integrate into German society.

What does the advice and support from Plant-a-Talent cost? 2017-09-25T13:28:11+00:00

Anyone who has applied for or received political asylum in Germany receives support from us in preparing to look for a job and in finding one free of charge. We are a not-for-profit organization.
Once you are registered with us, you can participate in our various workshops – Cultural Integration, Computer Basics or in our Mentoring programs.

Can I take a job in Germany before my application for asylum has been granted? 2017-09-25T13:29:23+00:00

Yes and we urge you to do so! In principle, in Germany anyone who has applied for political asylum will be granted a work permit within 3-4 months. There are of course exceptions. If you have specific questions on your work permit, please call us on 0157-307 590 38 or e-mail us at info@plant-a-talent.org

How long does it take to find employment in Germany? 2017-09-25T13:30:58+00:00

It may take weeks or months to find employment varies by candidate. The timing depends on how well you speak German, your level of education, your cultural and job skills. We strongly recommend first and foremost that you learn the German language, at least to Level A2 or better yet, B1. If you have achieved Level B1 or higher, you will have far greater opportunities in the job market. Language is not only the key to the German labor market, but also to communicate and establish friendships. It makes it easier to establish personal contacts and integrate when you speak German.

Our company wishes to support refugees. What can we do? 2017-09-25T13:34:34+00:00

This the kind of feedback that we love to hear! There are many ways to support asylum seekers in integrating and finding employment, and you encourage you to champion diversity. Plant-a-Talent is a not-for-profit company that can provide expert advice for you on this subject.

Please call us or send us an email to dgh@plant-a-talent.org so we can discuss whatever information and support you require.
There are three main areas where you can support us:

  1. By hiring refugees for your job openings
    In this case, please download and fill out our questionnaire on which skills sets you require and return it to us. One of our team members will immediately contact you.
  2. By joining one of our Mentoring Programs
    You can provide skilled staff who can conduct workshops and trainings for our registered job seekers. For more information, please go to Mentoring Programs
  3. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor
    You can choose one of our customized programs should your company wish to become an active sponsor of Plant-a-Talent. Companies, corporations, foundations and freelancers can support us either on a short-term or long- term basis. For more information, please contact Dinese at dgh@plant-a-talent.org.
    Depending on the scale and intensity of the commitment you wish to make, Plant-a-Talent will suggest a corporate sponsorship package that meets your objectives.
How do I as the owner or manager of a company benefit from advocating cultural diversity? 2017-09-25T13:37:09+00:00

Various expert studies prove that a diverse multi-cultural workforce ensures that a company has a long-term competitive edge with:

  • Greater productivity
  • More output per staff member
  • Greater creativity and abilities in solving problems
  • More customers thanks to more languages spoken in-company and a greater international reach
  • Higher appeal to young and talented people

Moreover, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming an ever more important factor that plays a key role in shaping the public perception of your company.