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Our core Plant-a-Talent team

At present, we have a staff of 7 persons working at our office in Munich. Our team is a mixture of full-time and part-time staff, freelancers, and a great group of students and volunteers who support us. Many team members have an immigrant background or were once themselves refugees. They not only understand the situation and challenges facing our candidates who come to us seeking support, but also often speak their languages.

If you wish to help out and join our team, simply send an email to

We gladly welcome anyone who wishes to strengthen the team!

Plant-a-Talent Team
Dinese Hannewald
Dinese HannewaldManaging Partner
Ines Šašić
Ines ŠašićCompany Liaison Associate
Vesela Dimitrova
Vesela DimitrovaTeam Assistant
Mahmoud Knefati
Mahmoud KnefatiCandidate Ambassador
Tim Richardson
Tim RichardsonProgram Director
Cornelia HarmsChief Operating Officer