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Munich, 20th September 2019 – The program ArrivalAid Job& Careers and Plant-a-Talent gGmbH have shared a common goal for a long time: Support refugees, migrants and immigrants with their entry into the German job market. True to the motto “Together we are stronger”, both non-profit organizations have decided to combine forces to effect an even larger and more comprehensive impact for all of our clients/candidates. In the future, the successful job preparation and job matching programs along with the computer classes and mentoring programs offered by Plant-a-Talent – will be integrated with ArrivalAid. Plant-a-Talent is happy to have found a new home with Arrival Aid and both organizations welcome this wonderful news.

In the future, please visit ArrivalAid’s website to follow us at Plant-a-Talent.

Or write us at:

02.2019: Plant-a-Talent and Amazon launch second joint mentoring program

Integration und Wachstum durch Arbeit – this is the motto of Plant-a-Talent, one of the leading non-profit companies in Munich. The job exchange has set itself the task of bringing together refugees, other immigrants and employers. It also offers integration consulting, coaching and training for companies and their employees. Since April 2016, the young team has already filled more than 220 positions. A success that is possible because Plant-a-Talent looks after each candidate individually, develops and prepares for the new job. From big business to small business, employers can submit their vacancies and get documents from handpicked applicants that fit.

In the Munich Plant-a-Talent-Team many employees have a migration background or sought asylum. Not only do they understand the concerns of asylum seekers, they also often speak their language. They give good examples of successful integration.

Another advantage of Plant-a-Talent: The benefits for candidates are free. Donations and sponsors fall on particularly fertile ground here.

01.2019: PaT candidates undergo the pre-vocational workshop with goetzpartners.

Together with goetzpartners, we organize a workshop in which employees of goetzpartners voluntarily support our candidates. The one-on-one sessions aim at the personal support of the candidates during their respective application process. The CVs of the participants are professionalized, their career options are assessed and they get the skills to be able to apply independently in the future. Many thanks to goetzpartners for their outstanding commitment.

Autumn 2018: 12 candidates successfully completed the BCL course

The company has been certified as a private employment agency since February 5, 2018 (certificate number 2018-AZAV TZ-00610) and can bill placement vouchers with the local job centers. These placement vouchers help us to cover our costs.

New mentoring program with Amazon!

On February 14, 2018, another corporate mentoring program was launched, this time in cooperation with Amazon! Ten Plant-a-Talent candidates are brought together with two mentors and supported by them on the way to integration.

Our program has three main focuses:

Education: The regular contact of the mentee to the mentors should accelerate the learning of the German language.
In addition, the program aims to improve the personal, social and methodological skills that are essential for sustainable employment in Germany.

Employment: Mentors can assist their respective mentees with job interview preparation exercises. Furthermore, they can answer specific questions related to the job search and provide practical advice on professional communication at the later workplace.

Cultural Integration: Mentors can facilitate mentee access to German society and support the removal of cultural barriers through proposals for and joint participation in social and cultural activities involving German citizens.

We are looking forward to the results and will be happy to announce positive feedback in our next newsletter!

27th November 2017 – Demo Day! Bei Google im Isar Valley, Erika-Mann-Straße 33 in München

“After 6 months of attending a programming and coding class at Salesforce, our Plant-a-Talent candidates will have the chance to meet potential employers and present their projects have completed with their Web-Development Nano Degrees. These were kindly sponsored by our partner
Participants have 2 months to complete the Web-Development program. Afterwards, they receive a certification that enables them to enter the German job market as Junior Web Developers.
If you are an IT company or an IT startup and are look for reinforcements in your team, please attend and meet our talented and motivated candidates! They wish to apply for jobs as Web-Developers. Moreover, you have the chance to meet with other talented, well-educated and experienced candidates who worked with Java, C, C# and Databases. This is also a chance to network with recognized IT companies such as Salesforce and Google”.
For more information, click to download Flyer here.

30th September 2017 – Filippas Engel Verleihung 2017 – Jin-Ju Jahns

Wir sind froh euch mitzuteilen, dass eine unserer lieben Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin, Jin-Ju Jahns, mit dem Preis “Filippas Engel” geehrt wurde!
Der Preis wird jährlich an junge Europäer verliehen, die einen außergewöhnlichen gesellschaftlichen Einsatz geleistet haben.
Mehr Informationen über “Filippas Engel” und die Preisträger kann man hier erfahren:

13.09.2017 – Geflüchtete Menschen brauchen Arbeit und eine neue Heimat

18.05.2017 – Crowdspondent reporters, Lisa Altmeier and Steffi Fetz, interviewed Yvonne Giesing, SIR’s Candidate Relations Manager, about SIR’s activities during one of our CV Workshops held every Thursday in Munich.

Please watch the video to see the interview with Yvonne and one of our job candidates, Ajmal from Afghanistan. At the link below, you can read Crowdspondent’s full news article. Crowdspondent is a partner of Süddeutsche Zeitung

Integration und Wachstum durch Arbeit – so lautet das Motto von Plant-a-Talent, eines der führenden, gemeinnützigen Unternehmen in München. Die Jobbörse hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, geflüchtete Menschen und Arbeitgeber zusammen zu bringen. Außerdem bietet sie Integrationsberatung, Coachings und Trainings für Unternehmen und deren Mitarbeiter.
Seit April 2016 konnte das junge Team schon mehr als 150 Stellen besetzen. Ein Erfolg, der möglich ist, weil Plant-a-Talent jeden Kandidaten individuell betreut, weiterbildet und auf den neuen Job vorbereitet. Vom Großunternehmen bis Kleinbetrieb können Arbeitgeber ihre Stellenangebote einsenden und erhalten Unterlagen von handverlesenen Bewerber, die passen.

Im Münchner Plant-a-Talent-Team haben viele Mitarbeiter Migrations-hintergrund oder sind geflüchtet. Sie verstehen nicht nur die Sorgen der Asylsuchenden, sondern sprechen auch oft ihre Sprache. Sie geben gute Beispiele für gelungene Integration.

Noch ein Vorteil von Plant-a-Talent: Die Leistungen für Kandidaten sind kostenlos. Spenden und Sponsoren fallen hier auf besonders fruchtbaren Boden.